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How to Book a Bus?

Bus Booking is one of those frequent and mundane tasks that we all deal with. As much as the destination excites us, the journey excites only a fewer and the actual process of booking a bus, almost none, to be precise. Here comes Niki to make your experience of booking a bus seamless and enjoyable. Enjoyable because, that’s how we feel when our tasks become much easier owing to assistance from a dear friend, right?

Here is a quick run through of the basic steps involved in booking a bus that will clear off your doubts, if any.

Entering the details of the journey:

As soon as you click on bus booking as the context of the session, Niki welcomes you and asks you to enter the source city. Once the input is given for source city, the destination is being asked for. This is followed by questions on the preferred date of journey, type of bus (Sleeper/ Semi-sleeper; AC/Non-AC;) and the preferred time of journey.

You can also input the details as a one-time string. Ex., Bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad next Sunday, post which the missing details would be asked for. This way, you get the freedom to type in as free text as possible. 

Discovering a bus:

On providing all the required details, Niki comes back with a list of all relevant buses in the form of horizontal slider of cards.

Major details such as Name of the travels, Type of Bus, Seats Available, Travel Duration and Price of the trip are all displayed on the card for you to evaluate the option.

Click on “View Seats and Book” to proceed onto booking.

Selecting a Bus:

On clicking the “View Seats and Book” option, you are redirected to a page wherein you are required to choose the pickup point and the seats required.

You are given an option to choose Upper/ Lower Berths with Available, Ladies, Gents, Booked, Selected seats being displayed on specified color codes making it easy for you to decide on the seats required.

Additionally, the card chosen by you earlier is displayed on this redirected page as well so as to act as a self-confirmation for you.

You can always go back and reselect another bus from the list of cards for the same journey details before making the final payment without having to re-enter the details all over again. 

Proceeding on to book a bus:

On clicking “Proceed to Book: Rs. X”, you are being taken into the chat interface, where Niki displays the default point of contact ( Name, Email, Phone – the order details are being sent to the mail ID and the contact number displayed here ). The default POC is the one who owns the Niki account.

However, Niki asks for the passenger name, age and gender for the booked seat thereby making booking for a friend/ family member hassle-free.

Order Summary

Providing Niki with all the details, your order summary is being displayed wherein the following are shown:

  • Source and destination

  • Travel Date

  • Bus Details

  • Operator

  • Departure Time

  • Boarding Point

  • Seats

  • Total Fare

Resetting Order

If you feel you want to change the order completely, you can reset the order at any time during the chat. You just need to type “Reset”. The bot will ask you for confirmation and reset the order. You are still in the Bus Booking domain, so you can continue directly with the changes you want to make in the order.

Applying Promocode

Here’s how you can enter the promo code:

  • Tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner of the app screen.

  • Tap on “Offers & Promo codes”

  • Under “NIKI PROMO CODES”, you can tap on “Apply Promocode →”

  • Enter the Promocode you have and tap on “Apply”

  • You will get the confirmation on the screen.

  • Navigate to chat screen and start bus booking conversation.

 For example, Promo code for Bus : BUS100

*Please note that offers change very frequently. So, we would like you to stay tuned to the updated info on our website.

Making Payments

We support the following payment options on Niki:

  • PayTM

  • Freecharge

  • LazyPay** (This may not be available for all users as the eligibility is calculated by Lazypay)

  • Amazon Pay

  • Pay Online (Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking)

  • PhonePe

  • PayZapp

The bot will also tell you if any Niki credits are getting redeemed and how much you have to pay. You can refer the link here- Payment process to know the detailed payment process for each of the payment options available with us.

Viewing order details of completed order

Once the payment is completed, your transaction will get processed. You can view the order details from the “My Orders” section in the app. Tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner of the app screen and tap on My Orders. Your transaction will be listed there.

Tap on the Repeat icon to repeat the same booking anytime later and this will automatically capture the Source and Destination. The Date and Time has to be selected, followed by the mode of payment.

 Status of the order

    • Success - Your order has been processed successfully.

    • Failed - Your order has failed.

Order Details

    • Niki Order ID

    • Date of Transaction

    • Operator Name

    • Type of Bus

    • Booking ID

    • Seat number

  • Payment Details

    • Mode of Payment.

    • Amount Paid by you

    • Total Niki Credits used in the transaction will be shown here.

    • Navigate to pickup point

  • Send Invoice

You can tap on this to send out the order summary email to your registered email address

  • Support

You can reach out to support section using this button.  You can read the available articles or write to support from here.

Cancelling the ticket

On wanting to cancel a bus booking, go to “My Orders” section on the left menu, select the bus and click on “Cancel Booking”.

The cancellation amount is as per the cancellation policy displayed on the e-ticket sent to you at the time of booking. It is to be noted that cancellation policies vary from operator to operator.

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