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How to pay Broadband Bill

  1. To pay your landline bill with Niki, just type "Pay my Broadband bill" in the chat.

  2. Provide Niki with your broadband provider, Example: Spectranet

  3. Niki will ask you for the required details in the chat. All you have to do is answer the questions.

  4. After you have provided all the information needed, Niki will fetch the bill amount for you and you can then proceed to the payment page.

  5. Before you proceed to pay the transaction amount please make sure to check the summary of your order. Once you have checked all the details proceed to make the payment.

  6. You can pay the amount through online mode of payment or through linked wallets.

  7. Your Broadband bill is now paid. You will receive an Order ID which you can see anytime from My Orders.  

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